Confindustria Russia is an international representation of Confindustria Italy in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Confindustria Russia is entrusted with the responsibility of representing national and international companies, both SMEs and Big-sized, working in the Russian Federation. The above mentioned assignment is the expression of the strong ties and of the importance of solid economic exchanges between Russia and Italy, thus underlining the necessity of an Association which can represent the interests of the Italian companies directly on the spot.

We strive for the companies’ interests

We work hardly, seriously and fairly to be the reference point for the Italian companies on the Russian market, providing services and assistance both to our members already settled in the Russian Federation and to whom is willing to approach the wide Russian market. Confindustria Russia, with reference to Confindustria Italy’s best practices, not only gives support to the Italian companies in Russia, but also acts as a facilitator in gathering and exchanging information and opinions and in building networks among and to the advantage of its members.

Our team

Confindustria Russia’s team is composed by young and highly proficient people, ready to react to the market challenges and to play a central role in supporting Italian companies in the Russian Federation. The members of our management, staff and secretariat are selected on a meritocracy basis, by taking into consideration their international experiences, flexibility and forward-looking aptitude.