Internal documents

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Our Charter

Confindustria Russia streamlined and rationalized its Charter in order to enhance the action potential of the Association. The present Charter of Confindustria Russia allows the Association to grant flexible and efficient services, to be provided the best way in the shortest time.

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Our Ethical Code

Confindustria Russia believes the essential element of its activities being the duty to preserve and improve the Italian businessmen’s reputation in Russia, which is based on such values as responsibility, ethical behavior and independence from political and social issues. Moreover, the Association focuses on factually contributing with its own activities and behaviors to the improvement of the Italian institutional System.

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Our Internal Regulation

Our Internal Regulation is edited by the Executive Board of the Association of Italian companies “Confederation of Italian Industry” in compliance with the requirements of Russian Civil Law, of the Federal Law “On the Non-Governmental Organizations” and other rules of law in the Russian Federation. Moreover, our Internal Regulation is consistent with the principles of international law, the general conventions and practices, thus representing a binding behavioral standard for all the members of Confindustria Russia.

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