Mission & Strategy

Confindustria Russia is a non-profit association, its main goal is the representation, assistance and support Italian companies operating in Russia as well as companies who is opening up to the Russian market

The organization is currently working on:


The structure of Confindustria Russia is based on an operative and strategic system, headed by the President and coordinated by the Executive Director and his Team. The strong local presence and the high professional competence of our Task-forces have created a synergetic activity for the development of projects and initiatives throughout Russian Federation territory.


The mission of Confindustria Russia is the supply of useful information, resources, projects, ideas, initiatives through events, seminaries, B2B missions, entrepreneurial tours, both in Russia and in other countries. All these activities are realized in order to support Italian entrepreneurs, who want to invest, search industrials and financial partners, set up companies and localize the industrial production in the Russian Federation.


The strategy of Confindustria Russia is the integration between the specific requirements of Italian companies, characterized by technology, know-how and competences, and the study of the Russian economic framework and industrial plans through the new import substitution policy and the industrial localization. The goal is to facilitate the business and in general to raise awareness of Italian companies towards  the medium and long term investments in the Russian economy.