5 reasons to adhere to confindustria russia

Giving trust is the first step
Confindustria Russia acts as the exclusive representative of Confindustria Italia in the Russian Federation, counting on the power of the national associative system based on more than 150. 000 Italian companies, reflection of the Italian manufacturing industry in the whole world.
We cooperate with regional and local Confindustrie, such as Assolombarda, Unione Industriali Parma, Confindustria Genova, Confindustria Verona, Confindustria Ferrara, Confindustria Bergamo.
Share your connections

Confindustria Russia works side by side with the most relevant Russian Trade Associations, such as Opora Rossii, Delovaya Rossya, RSPP , with the aim of establishing strong ties with the local companies.
We act as the connection point between the Italian companies and the Russian institutions and governmental bodies.
We encourage concrete collaboration with Russian and Italian Universities, counting on partners such as: University of Bologna, University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of Florence, MGIMO, thereby appraising the importance of a good education and aiming at a far-sighted cultural progress.

Empower your network

Confindustria Russia’s structures is based on sector-based Task Forces with an institutional nature and a business attitude:

Our INTERMINISTERIAL TASK FORCE is meant to interact with such institutions and governmental authorities as Palazzo Chigi, MAE, MISE, ICE, Abi e Sace, in the interest of diversifying the export of product ranges, the final markets and the distribution channels.

Our OPERATING TASK FORCES are based on specific sectors, among them: Oil & Gas, Construction Industry, Food, Legal Support, Business Services, Human Resources, Fashion, Healthcare.

Empower your business

Confindustria Russia fosters the business of small, medium and big-sized enterprises working in Russia by sharing the experiences of our Members and developing a coherent system with the aim of facing challenges and promoting common projects and business culture.

We offer an essential support to all the companies interested in entering the Russian market by means of guiding their steps into it and heading them towards new opportunities.

Our Network includes a great number of Partners who meet excellence standards in every business and industry sector. YOU can be PART of our NETWORK too, thereby benefitting from our services:

  • Event organization
  • Special "Soft Landing" support by means of missions, logistic services, participation in fairs and events, B2B meetings, start-up possibilities in Russia. >Bear in mind: the first steps into the market are the most relevant ones.
Empower Your Dreams

Confindustria Russia is, in both spirit and letter, the reference point for excellent small, medium and big-sized enterprises in the Russian Federation, with all the advantages of constituting a dynamic and specialized desk on the spot.

Thanks to our proactive and "friendly-efficient" approach, we can rely on a strong network where our administration board, employers and partners can promptly react to your requests and needs, since we know you don’t want your time to be wasted.

Our Team is made of young and inspired, specialists who are willing to face great challenges, with the support of an international Task Force which has been settled in Russia for several years.