Isopan RusConstruction

Isopan is an international leader in the production of insulating panels for roofs and walls intended for commercial, industrial, residential and livestock developments. Its panels contribute toward satisfying prerequisites and credits under LEED BD+C V4.
 Isopan is part of the steelworking group, Manni Group (Verona, Italy). Isopan has been operating in the world market for over 40 years. 
Isopan Rus production facility is one of seven Isopan companies worldwide. It is located in Volzhsky, Volgograd region, a dynamic production center of European Russia.  Isopan Rus site includes 2 production lines for mineral wool and PIR, PUR with  capacity up to 3 million square meters of insulating panels per year: a top quality, energy saving and sustainable product range.  Among special products one can find a range of Isofarm panels suitable to the agricultural environments; sandwich panels for cold store rooms Isofrigo; Isodeck panels designed for the construction of flat or slightly pitched roofs; ventilated facades ARK-WALL.


Address Aleksandrova 51, Volzhsky, Volgogradskaya oblast, 404130 Sales office: Kotelnicheskaya emb., 25/1 office 6, Moscow, 115172
Phone +7 (8443) 21 20 30 +7 (495) 969 50 70