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IC&Partners Russia is a consultancy company with the purpose to work “operationally” near the entrepreneur with the specif will to walk with him in his activity into Russian market.

                The core of our consulting activity aims to a multiplicity of different things: in fact, IC&Partners helps company moving it towards structured investment opportunities, providing informations related to the best business opportunities found in the reference area, offering coaching in daily administrative tasks and, in general, offering a 360-degree service within the market.

                This is possible thanks to a structured and specialized team, which is able to provide assistance that starts with awareness of the difficulties encountered in abroad investments and it continues with the support of the developed skills over years of field experience.

                IC&Partners Russia is part of the network of IC & Partners offices, a group of professional specialist consultants in assistance for the Company in its international growth.

                Our professionals, in addition to the experience and knowledge gained over many years of activity, they think and act as entrepreneurs, thus presenting themselves as ideal partner for traders in facing global challenges identifying the most attractive opportunities. Our offices in Banja Luka, Belgrade, Belo Horizonte, Budapest, Hong Kong, Kiev, Lodz, Moscow, Nis, Beijing, Ploiesti, Warsaw, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sofia are able to locally support the Company's activities with updated information, on time advice and quality services.

                A partners structured network, also allows us to extend our range of action of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Austria, Slovenia, Albania, Georgia, Montenegro, Belarus and the Baltic States. For more information on IC & Partners 



Address OOO IC&Partners Russia - Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky pereulok, 1, building 1 - 101000 Moscow - Russian Federation
Phone +7 495 6639293
Email info@icpartnersrussia.com
www www.icpartnersrussia.ru