Iccrea BancaImpresaBusiness services

Iccrea BancaImpresa is the corporate bank of Credito Cooperativo, a large italian banking system, created as a direct expression of the territory, wich has always been a refernce point for the social and enterpreneurial fabric of Italy.

Iccrea BancaImpresa offers financial advice, services and solutions for companies af any size and Sector:

- Loans
- Financial leasing
- Corporate and structured finance
- Factoring
- Operating Leasing
- Hedge derivaties, Facilities and Insurance services

An answer to every need
Needs of businesses
Openness to foreign markets: investiments, business partner, new offices, partecipation in tenders and contracts, guarantees payments

The Iccrea BancaImpresa solutions
Export Finance, Documentary credits and Guarantees International and Internationalization


Roberto Giuppa  
Head of Representative Office Moscow   
Via Lucrezia Romana 41/47 - 00178 Roma  
Tel 06.72077101 - Fax 06.72078101  

Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky per.1,bld.1 - 101000 Moscow 
Tel +7 495.663.92.93 - Cel +7 925.446.53.13  
Skype adr. roberto_giuppa


Address Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky per.1,bld.1 - 101000 Moscow Tel +7 495.663.92.93 - Mob +7 925.446.53.13 - Skype adr. roberto_giuppa
Email roberto.giuppa@iccreabi.bcc.it
www //www.iccreabancaimpresa.it